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Eliza Thomas | Wally Workman Gallery

The new series of black and white paintings by Eliza Thomas are intricate.  They navigate the viewer through fields of gray, the motif of uncertainty, while bringing one into thickets of branches, blossoms and leaves. Naturalism is a significant subject for the artist since its form is at once lyrical and rhythmic, bearing a strong … Continue reading

Three Lives, Three Narratives: Visions of Death in the art of Jonathan Hammer, Ben Gocker and Saul Chernick

Damien Hirst’s diamond skull titled “For the Love of God,” from 2007, was the perfect critique on the lasciviousness that once saturated the contemporary art market before undergoing a series of drastic changes during the following three years.  The glitzy skull not only brought up the issues surrounding blood diamonds but it portrayed the vice … Continue reading

Ethan Shoshan: I’m always thinking of you even when I’m kissing Another boy | Aljira A Center for Contemporary Art

In English the reflexive verb is used most often in technical writing or personal memoirs, but it rarely appears noticeable when spoken. This particular verb refers the direct object, the self, back to the subject of the sentence or idea. Indo-European languages make use of reflexive verbs more frequently and often without regard to any … Continue reading

iPop | Tria Gallery

iPop by Serena Bocchino delves into the knick-knacks of popular culture and comes out shining with bouquets of pastel colored flowers looming over small sculptures of rabbits, squirrels and birds.  Since when has abstraction looked so good when used in a flora-and-fauna context? In iPop, the literal object is shamelessly primary and paired with the … Continue reading

Workshops for Modernity | MoMA

The Bauhaus was never meant to be so complicated. As a movement, it considered the complex formalism that had long existed in traditional European art and created a long-running critique that generated a series of studies and designs currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art. The Bauhaus was Modernism’s time-sensitive interpretation of the … Continue reading

Ronald Bladen | Jacobson Howard Gallery

Ronald Bladen has been known among art critics as one of the founders of Minimalism.  However most narratives of Postmodern sculpture contain very little information, if any, about Bladen and his work, throwing the credibility of this claim into question.  Although he was not part of Sam Wagstaff’s historic exhibition of 1964 titled Black, White … Continue reading